Sustainable offices

At Amazon, we embed sustainability principles and initiatives throughout our corporate offices, from green building design to low-carbon transit incentives for employees. Our sustainable campuses offer a healthy environment in which our employees work, collaborate and innovate.

Seattle campus
Our corporate offices in Seattle are designed for energy efficiency and responsible use of resources. The buildings’ interiors feature salvaged and locally-sourced woods, energy-efficient lighting and composting and recycling alternatives, as well as public plazas and pockets of open green space outside of the buildings. At the heart of the Seattle campus is The Spheres, an indoor plant conservatory housing 40,000 plants from the cloud forest regions of more than 30 countries, that provides a natural source of insulation and cooling.

The U.S. Green Building Council has awarded 26 of our Seattle buildings with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification as of June 2019, including 18 that are LEED Gold and four that have achieved LEED Platinum, the two highest tiers of certification for sustainable design and construction methods.

Some of our buildings in the Denny Triangle area of Seattle are heated via a district energy system that recycles heat generated at a neighbouring data centre. Green roofs on our Doppler building and adjacent Meeting Centre reduce building heating and cooling loads, clean and reduce storm water runoff by at least 70 %, moderate the urban heat island effect, and improve local air quality.

Amazon also encourages sustainable transport for employee commutes. In Seattle, more than half of our employees walk, cycle or take public transport to work. In 2017 alone, we provided $63 million toward employees’ public transport fares. In many Amazon buildings across Seattle, we offer plug-in electric vehicle charging stations to our employees, with additional charging infrastructure offered to our employees in multiple other locations as well.

HQ2 and offices worldwide
Our new offices and fulfilment centres are equipped with energy-efficient technologies such as LED lighting, advanced building management systems, motor variable frequency drives, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, and remote energy and power monitoring.

Our corporate offices in Munich, Germany have been certified Gold for environmental design by the German Sustainable Building Council based on their energy-efficient interiors and use of sustainable building materials. In Luxembourg, efficient chillers and an advanced building management system cut energy costs, while rooftop bee hives supply honey, and food is served in compostable and biodegradable containers.

The new HQ2 campus in Arlington, Virginia, will incorporate LEED Gold certified buildings, walkable access to basic amenities such as shops, restaurants and daycare, and access to public transportation and bike storage. We are also working to secure renewable energy for the campus, which means that the buildings will operate on 100 % renewable energy and offset the carbon emissions embedded in their construction and building materials.

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