Sustainable fulfilment centres

As one of the most important stops on a product’s journey to a customer’s door, Amazon’s fulfilment centres play a key role in achieving our Shipment Zero goal. We have invested significantly in on-site solar systems to power our facilities with renewable energy, making us the number one-ranked company in the U.S. for the amount of corporate on-site solar installed in 2018 in the Solar Energy Industries Association’s (SEIA) 2018 Solar Means Business Report.

Many of our facilities throughout the U.S., Europe and India are powered by on-site solar, where a rooftop installation can power nearly 80 % of a facility’s energy use, and we recently achieved our goal to install solar on 50 rooftops worldwide by 2020—more than a year ahead of schedule.

In addition to a clean energy supply, Amazon’s fulfilment centres around the world are designed with efficient building systems to minimise energy use throughout our operations. We use building control system technology and real-time data analytics to optimise our heating and cooling systems for comfort while operating as efficiently as possible.

Natural daylighting, LED lighting and lighting controls reduce energy use, and many areas in our fulfilment centres use advanced automation and robotics, which require minimal or no lighting to operate. We use highly efficient motors and advanced controls in our conveyor systems to move packages efficiently throughout our facilities, and we are testing a number of new technologies to further reduce the energy use of material handling equipment. Via building retrofits and energy studies, we are continuously improving and learning to optimise the efficiency of our operations and uncover savings opportunities.

Through Amazon’s Sustainability Ambassadors programme, associates are also an important driving force who make fulfilment centre operations more efficient. Ambassadors build a culture of sustainability by driving improvements in waste reduction, recycling and efficiency within their own work environment.

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