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Safety, Health & Well-Being

Safety, Health and Well-Being

We aim to be Earth’s safest place to work. We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all Amazon employees every day. Our work environment allows almost anyone – regardless of background, skill level or experience – to work with confidence.
A Culture of Safety
Everyone at Amazon shares ownership in creating a safe workplace, and we invest in resources to help our employees thrive. We are constantly evaluating new technologies and learning opportunities to optimise how employees and leaders build capabilities, receive critical safety information and prepare to meet future challenges. We are committed to utilising our distinctive technological capabilities, embracing our expertise in health and wellness, and collaborating with proven thought leaders and scientists to lead the way for workplaces around the world to proactively manage and prevent work-related injuries.
Investing in Safety
Our safety performance is possible because of the drive and commitment of our operations employees and our safety professionals, who are dedicated to using the science of safety to solve complex problems and establish new industry best practices.
  • 6,000+
    Amazon safety professionals
  • 125 million USD
    Safety capital projects in 2020
  • 11.5 billion USD
    COVID-19-related safety measures in 2020
  • 300 million USD
    New and continuing safety projects in 2021
Safety Design and Technologies
We design and create new solutions to continuously reinforce and improve safety in our operations. This includes integrating new and advanced technologies that increase safety at every step of Amazon’s process, from receiving vendor deliveries to sorting multiple packages into consignments ready for delivery.
Six to 18 months before opening a new site, we scrutinise every safety and engineering detail to limit potential hazards and lower risk. When opening new facilities, we only launch sites after they have successfully passed 2,500 safety checkpoints. We have strict equipment and machine design, installation, testing and compliance standards. We regularly review those standards with manufacturers and vendors.
Amazon fulfilment facilities are equipped with a variety of technologies to reduce physical demands on our employees. For example, we use custom-designed tables that lift items electronically, keeping employees from having to bend over to pick up objects to place on conveyors. We also developed wearable technologies to protect our employees on the job. We provide intelligent safety vests for employees who work alongside robotic pods, which use short-range radio frequencies to send signals to the robots to slow down, alter their work or stop when they detect employees nearby. We developed a similar wearable vest for grocery delivery fulfilment facilities in North America that tracks how long employees spend inside freezers in order to limit their exposure to the cold.
Beyond our facilities, our delivery network is powered by thousands of small businesses and drivers who rely on Amazon’s technology and safety initiatives every day. Our vehicles are fitted with camera safety technology, use artificial intelligence to capture real-time road conditions and identify at-risk driving events. These technologies are used to help keep drivers and the communities where we deliver safe. When we piloted this technology from April to October 2020 on more than 2 million miles of delivery routes, we found that crashes decreased 48 %, stop sign violations decreased 20 %, driving without a seatbelt decreased 60 % and distracted driving decreased 45%.
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Nearly 40 % of work-related injuries at Amazon are classified as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), such as sprains or strains due to repetitive motion. This type of injury is common with the type of work that we do and is most likely to occur during an employee’s first six months at Amazon. This insight has inspired some of our most significant safety, health and wellness initiatives and technologies to date.
Through our WorkingWell programme, we educate new employees about their bodies, health, and wellness to help them successfully adapt to working at Amazon. This programme is available at 350 sites, reaching more than 850,000 associates and contributing to reducing Amazon’s overall MSD recordable incident rates in 2020. WorkingWell has received positive feedback from 88 % of associates, and we are expanding the programme in 2021, with the aim of cutting our recordable incident rates by 50 % by 2025.
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