Our employees are critical to our mission of being Earth’s most customer-centric company. Our ranks are full of passionate people who are building new products and services every day on behalf of our customers.


Investing in Our Employees
Amazon is building a strong culture and investing in our people to attract the diverse, innovative workforce we need to exceed our customers’ expectations today and into the future.
  • £9.70/hour
    Starting Hourly Wage
    For all full-time, part-time, temporary (including those hired by agencies) and seasonal employees in the UK
  • 1.3 million
    Employees Across the Globe
    Including full-time and part-time workers as of December 2020
  • 700 million USD
    Skills Training Investment
    To pilot, launch, and scale training programs for 100,000 Amazonians by 2025
  • 2.5 billion USD
    Bonuses and Incentives
    To support our global front-line employees during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020
We aim to be Earth’s safest place to work. We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all Amazon employees every day. Our work environment allows almost anyone – regardless of background, skill level or experience – to work with confidence.
At Amazon, we value diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe these values are good for business and, more fundamentally, are simply right. We have initiated numerous near-term and long-term programmes and strategies across key aspects of our business to increase diversity and representation in our workforce, expand our efforts to build an inclusive culture and address racial justice.
  • We are committed to increasing representation of employees from diverse backgrounds at every level of our organisation. We know that diverse leaders attract and retain diverse teams, so we focus our efforts on recruitment, retention, growth and development, including promotion of our employees. Find out more
  • To better understand what inclusion means for our employees, we conducted a global internal survey which led to Amazon’s definition of inclusion: ‘Being valued, trusted, connected and informed so that we can deliver the best results for our customers.’ We use this definition to guide us as we create educational initiatives, continually improve our mentorship programme and deliver benefits for all of our employees. Find out more
  • Amazon’s focus on accessibility has made shopping and other daily experiences simpler for people with disabilities. We believe technology should be inclusive, accessible and useful to everyone. By inventing new experiences that support all of our customers, we help create a more accessible world. Find out more
  • The inequitable and brutal treatment of Black people is unacceptable. We stand in solidarity with our Black employees, customers and partners. We are committed to helping build a country and a world where everyone can live with dignity and free from fear. Find out more
  • The rights of LGBTQIA+ people must be protected. We were early and strong supporters of marriage equality, and will continue to advocate for protections and equal rights for transgender people. We stand together with the LGBTQIA+ community and are working at the US federal and state levels on legislation, including supporting passage of the Equality Act. Find out more
  • Representation
  • Inclusive Culture
  • Customer Inclusion
  • Racial Justice and Equity
  • LGBTQIA+ Rights
Employee Engagement
  • 1.3 Million
    Employees Around the Globe
    Our employees are the foundation of our success as a company. Consistent, honest and open communication with our employees allows us to continuously improve our workplace experience, empowering individuals to raise concerns and have them directly addressed by leadership.

Our goal is to hear from and listen to everyone.

Hover your cursor over an icon below to learn about the many ways an employee can choose to communicate with management.

Employee Engagement infographic shows an illustration of a female employee surrounded by the 9 engagement policies: Open Door Policy, Voice of Associate Boards, Connections, Executive Escalations, Appeals Process, Ethics Hotline, Associate Insights Surveys and Pulse Surveys, Regular In-Person Meetings, and Freedom of Association.

Connections is a real-time, company-wide employee feedback mechanism designed to listen to and learn from employees at scale to improve the employee experience. Each day, Connections questions are delivered to every Amazon employee on a computer, a workstation device or hand scanner generating more than 1.2 million responses from employees daily.
Executive Escalations

Suggestions or complaints emailed to a member of the senior leadership team are considered Executive Escalations. Any employee can utilise this method of providing a suggestion or raising a concern to leadership. Escalations are independently reviewed by Human Resources and used as a learning opportunity, and may be used to update our processes to prevent gaps in the future.
Appeals Process

In the US and Canada, Amazon’s appeals process is a dispute resolution mechanism for employees in certain stages of our fulfilment network to challenge certain disciplinary actions involving final written warnings and terminations.
Ethics Hotline

Employees may raise questions or report suspected violations of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics through Amazon’s Ethics Line globally, by phone or online. The Ethics Line is the second most utilised method for employees to raise concerns, and employees have used 30 of the 165 languages available to do so.
Associate Insight Surveys and Pulse Surveys

Annual surveys ask employees to anonymously express opinions about issues in the workplace, and managers respond by remediating issues or making improvements.
Regular In-Person Meetings While Maintaining Social Distancing

Through all-hands meetings with general managers, stand-up meetings with direct supervisors and one-on-one meetings, employees have daily opportunities to engage with leaders, raise issues and make suggestions to continually improve our workplace.
Freedom of Association

We respect freedom of association and our employees’ right to join, form or not to join a labour union or other lawful organisation of their own selection, without fear of reprisal, intimidation or harassment.
Open Door Philosophy

We believe candid and constructive communication in an environment of mutual respect is essential to our collective success. We have an open-door policy, which means we welcome and encourage any employee to discuss suggestions, concerns or feedback with their manager, a Human Resources team member or any member of Amazon’s leadership team.
Voice of the Associate Boards

Voice of the Associate boards are in Amazon fulfilment centres around the globe – physically and virtually – providing employees with a forum for expressing their concerns, offering suggestions and asking questions on a daily basis to leadership. Leadership teams reply directly to questions, promoting dialogue and efficient remediation of issues.

More than 7500 Amazonians have joined together as Sustainability Ambassadors – a grassroots organisation of sustainability-minded employees working to expand the efforts of our global teams that manage Amazon’s environmental and social impacts. Since launching in 2017, the Sustainability Ambassadors programme has transformed into a collaborative community of more than 450 chapters across the world, and continues to grow.
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