Environment Sustainability in the Cloud
Cloud Efficiency
An illustration featuring a cloud, green land, computer server, files and a laptop representing AWS and cloud efficiency.
An illustration featuring a cloud, green land, computer server, files and a laptop representing AWS and cloud efficiency.

Cloud Efficiency

AWS has always been focused on improving efficiency in every aspect of our infrastructure. From the highly available infrastructure that powers our servers, to techniques we use to cool our data centres and the innovative server designs that deliver AWS services to our customers – energy efficiency is a primary goal of our global infrastructure.
Infrastructure Efficiency
Through our scale and focus on innovation, we can achieve higher resource utilisation and energy efficiency than is possible for the typical on-premises data centre, and we are continuously working on ways to do more.
  • 3.6x
    More Energy Efficient
    The results of a study by 451 Research show that AWS’s infrastructure is 3.6 times more energy efficient than the median of US enterprise data centres surveyed. More than two-thirds of this advantage is attributable to the combination of a more energy-efficient server population and much higher server utilisation.
Comprehensive Efficiency Programmes
AWS data centres are more energy efficient than enterprise sites due to comprehensive efficiency programmes that touch every facet of the facility.

We have improved power efficiency and availability by removing the central Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) from our data centre design and integrating small battery packs and custom power supplies into our racks. These changes combined reduce energy conversion loss by about 35 %.

Graviton2 is AWS’s most power-efficient processor, providing better performance per watt than any other processor we currently use. With the world’s increasing need for compute and other IT infrastructure, continually innovating at the chip level is critical to ensuring that we can sustainably power the workloads of the future.

Shared Sustainability Goals
AWS works closely with our customers to accelerate mutually shared sustainability goals. Customers such Acciona, BP, Engie and Shell are leveraging AWS to drive digital innovation, including data migration and application modernisation to cloud-native technologies, and to collaborate on artificial intelligence and machine learning use cases. These customers help accelerate Amazon’s journey to meet our Climate Pledge goal by providing reliable, flexible solar and wind energy to power our operations with 100 % renewable energy.
Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact
In 2021, AWS joined the data centre industry in Europe to create the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, an industry commitment to proactively lead the transition to a climate neutral economy.
  • Self-Regulatory Initiative
    The Pact establishes a Self-Regulatory Initiative which was developed in co-operation with the European Commission. It supports both the European Green Deal, which aims to make Europe the world’s first climate neutral continent by 2050, and the European Data Strategy by making EU data centres climate neutral by 2030.
  • A Greener Economy
    Signatories of the Pact commit to meeting ambitious goals to facilitate Europe’s essential transition to a greener economy by agreeing to prove energy efficiency with measurable targets, purchase 100 % renewable energy, prioritise water conservation, reuse and repair servers and look for ways to recycle heat.
Addressing climate change requires innovation across the world, across industries and across startups and multi-national corporations. To help foster the rapid growth of clean tech innovations, AWS launched the AWS Clean Energy Accelerator in 2021. The programme seeks to help clean energy startups accelerate their impact, access additional resources and expand their reach. The AWS Clean Energy Accelerator was developed in collaboration with Freshwater Advisors, a US-based innovation consultancy and venture catalyst. Together with Freshwater Advisors, AWS selected 10 startups to participate in the five-week accelerator in 2021.
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