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Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative
Amazon Sustainable Data Initiative
Amazon Sustainable Data Initiative

Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative

The Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI) seeks to accelerate sustainability research and innovation by minimising the cost and time required to acquire and analyse large sustainability data sets. ASDI supports innovators and researchers with the data, tools and technical expertise they need to move sustainability to the next level.
ASDI currently works with scientific organizations like NOAA, NASA, the UK Met Office and Government of Queensland to identify, host and deploy key datasets on the AWS Cloud, including weather observations, weather forecasts, climate projection data, satellite imagery, hydrological data, air quality data and ocean forecast data. These datasets are publicly available to anyone.
Data in Action
Find out more about how we are enabling critical research around the world through ASDI.
  • AWS and the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) jointly awarded 1.5 million USD worth of cloud services to 21 projects from 17 developing countries through the Earth Observation Cloud Credits Programme.
  • Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) is helping data users across the African continent gain fast access to petabytes of decision-ready satellite data. The project enables African nations to track changes across the continent in unprecedented detail by making Earth observation data more easily accessible.
Customer Case Studies
From university researchers to local governments, agencies to private startups, many organisations are leveraging ASDI to better understand the long-term opportunities to address big challenges like climate change. See examples of how AWS customers are innovating and problem-solving for sustainability.
Addressing climate change requires us to understand not only how human actions impact the climate system, but also how changes to the climate will impact our planet, our communities and our businesses. ASDI is committed to making climate-relevant data easier to access and analyse.
For additional information about ASDI, contact us by email at: sustainability-data-initiative@amazon.com
  • Check out the review tutorials and access open-source code.
  • The AWS Public Dataset Programme covers the cost of storage for publicly available high-value cloud-optimised datasets.
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