Two Amazon employees wearing 'sustainability' t-shirts work to pack a box together.
Two Amazon employees wearing 'sustainability' t-shirts work to pack a box together.

Sustainability in Japan

Amazon’s commitment to net zero carbon is redefining our approach to operations in Japan. We are investing in renewable energy, improving energy efficiency in our facilities, implementing zero emissions vehicles in our logistics network and collaborating with our partners and suppliers to eliminate carbon from our business.
A Culture of Sustainability
Amazon Sustainability Ambassadors is a grassroots organisation of Amazonians working to expand the efforts of the global teams that work directly on managing Amazon’s environmental and social impacts.
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    Sustainability Ambassadors in Japan
    Since launching in July 2019, Tokyo’s Sustainability Ambassador programme has grown to over 982 Amazonians. Our Ambassador programme engages Amazonians across Japan who are passionate about the environment, no matter their line of work. Sustainability Ambassadors collaborate, propose new ideas and lead the implementation of initiatives across our offices in Japan.
Ambassador Initiatives
Sustainability Ambassadors lead education events, invite guest speakers and host movie nights with interesting debates. We joined other regions in a 'Zero Cup' initiative to eliminate the use of disposable cups in our offices, and our canteens and kitchen areas are free of plastic cutlery. We use a rental umbrella service for unexpected rainy days to avoid additional umbrella purchases. We also engage in outdoor activities such as plogging and beach clean-ups.
We are collaborating with the YMCA and other local organisations in Japan to donate products to those in need. At the Tajimi fulfilment centre, employee volunteers worked together to sort surplus inventory to be distributed to local families.
Amazon Japan is optimising our transportation network to reduce carbon emissions. While we work to put zero emission vehicles on the road, we are also launching initiatives like Unattended Delivery and Amazon Hub, which provide convenient and efficient delivery options for customers.
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