Three Amazon employees discuss Frustration-Free Packaging during a meeting in the Amazon's Seattle Spheres.
Three Amazon employees discuss Frustration-Free Packaging during a meeting in the Amazon's Seattle Spheres.

Sustainability in France

Sustainable development underpins Amazon’s values and business model in France. While our commitment to sustainability is global, we strive to have a positive local impact on customers, employees and small businesses in the communities where we are located.
Sustainability News from France
A Paris, les deux tiers des commandes sont désormais acheminés aux clients d’Amazon grâce à des modes de livraison de dernier kilomètre à zéro émission carbone. Cette initiative marque une étape importante vers l'objectif de l'entreprise d’atteindre zéro émission carbone pour toutes ses activités d'ici 2040, avec 10 ans d’avance sur l’objectif fixé par l’Accord de Paris.
A Culture of Sustainability
Amazon Sustainability Ambassadors is a grassroots organization of Amazonians working to expand the efforts of the global teams that work directly on managing Amazon’s environmental and social impacts.
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    Sustainability Ambassadors in France
    Ambassadors in our operations organisation focus on sustainability projects that help sites reduce carbon and operational waste. At a fulfilment centre in France, team members installed a food waste composter for associates to use at the end of their break times, generating compost that our associates are able to take home for their gardens. This solution is now being tested for adoption across our fulfilment centres in Canada.
Amazon adds more than 1,800 electric vehicles to its delivery fleet in Europe
Amazon adds more than 1,800 electric vehicles to its delivery fleet in Europe
Electric Vehicles
Transportation is a major component of Amazon’s business operations and a key part of our plan to reach net-zero carbon by 2040. We are evaluating a number of delivery options in France to deliver packages to customers in a sustainable manner, and we are also working closely with our delivery service partners. We already make deliveries with low-emission vehicles in several urban centres such as Toulouse, Lille, Rouen and Strasbourg. We plan to expand our existing charging capacity in the coming months with the installation of more than 400 new charging stations for our employees and drivers at our delivery stations.
Sustainable Fulfilment Centres in France
Our fulfilment centres are equipped with state-of-the-art systems that minimise energy consumption throughout our operations. One of our latest facilities in Senlis, France showcases some of our recent advances in energy efficiency and resource consumption, including energy-efficient LED lights and a rainwater recycling system. The campus features more than 3,600 trees and shrubs, and 100 electric charging points for electric vehicles.
In 2020, we launched Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) Donations in France to help dispose of unsold inventory and give items a second life by facilitating donations to charitable organisations. Since launch, donations have been distributed to the first charity partners of this programme: the Red Cross and Secours Populaire. Amazon works with charity partners and manages logistics to streamline the donation process for independent sellers.
L'équipe des bénévoles Amazon et de Dons Solidaires
Partnership with Dons Solidaires
In France, we work with Dons Solidaires, a non-profit that facilitates donations to local charitable organisations. Amazon has supported Dons Solidaires since 2016 through the donation of items such as toys, personal care products and clothes to support people in need in communities across France.
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