Amazon solar panel installation
Amazon solar panel installation

Sustainability in Europe

At Amazon, we are committed to and invested in sustainability because it’s a win all around – it’s good for business, the planet, our customers and our communities. In Europe, we are working to make changes in every way we can to protect the planet.
Sustainability Highlights in Europe
  • 2,500+
    Generated from renewable energy investments with wind and solar projects across Europe.
  • 22
    On-Site Solar Systems
    Powering fulfilment facilities across Europe with solar energy.
  • 7M
    Product Donations
    Provided to local charities through our partnership with In Kind Direct in the UK.
Sustainability at Amazon EU
The Climate Pledge | Paris 10 Year Early

Renewable Energy Projects in Europe
Wind and solar projects in Europe are part of Amazon’s commitment to reach 100 % renewable energy across our global infrastructure.
  • Ireland
    Amazon has announced two renewable energy projects in Ireland – wind farms in the cities of Cork and Donegal. Once complete, the wind farm in Cork will provide 23.2 megawatts (MW) of renewable capacity, with expected generation of 68,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of clean energy annually. The 91.2 MW wind farm in Donegal is expected to deliver clean energy by the end of 2021 and will be built without any subsidies.

    “By 2030, 70 % of Ireland’s electricity will come from renewable sources,” said Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton, TD. “Today that figure is at 30 %. We must step up our ambition across the board. Projects led by the corporate sector will be a crucial part of our overall plan to deliver on this target. This announcement by Amazon is a landmark deal in Ireland, the first such corporate agreement in our country to provide unsubsidised renewable energy.”

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  • Italy
    On-site solar panels are installed on the rooftops of five fulfilment centers across Italy. Depending on the specific project, time of year, and other factors, a rooftop solar system can generate as much as 80 % of a single fulfillment facility’s annual energy needs.
  • Spain
    Amazon’s first large-scale renewable energy project in Spain will provide 149 MW of renewable capacity. Once complete, the solar farm located southeast of Seville is expected to generate over 300,000 MWh of renewable energy annually. A second solar farm in Zaragoza, Spain will provide 50 MW of renewable energy capacity. Amazon also has on-site solar installations at six operations facilities across Spain.
  • Sweden
    Amazon has committed to buying the energy from a new wind project in Bäckhammar, Sweden – a 91 MW wind farm that is expected to deliver clean energy by the end of 2020. A second project in Västernorrland, Sweden will deliver 122 MW from an onshore wind farm, expected to come online 2022. These projects will supply renewable energy to the grids powering AWS data centers that support Amazon and millions of AWS customers globally.

    “Sweden has long been known for ambitious renewable energy goals, and this new wind farm [in Bäckhammar] showcases both our country’s leadership and AWS’s commitment to renewable energy,” said Anders Ygeman, Sweden’s Minister for Energy and Digital Development. “This is a significant step in Sweden’s renewable energy production as we work toward our target of 100 % renewable energy by 2040.”

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  • United Kingdom
    Amazon has installed large-scale rooftop solar systems on eleven fulfilment centers in the UK. These solar installations are expected reduce our carbon footprint by more than 6,000 tons of CO2 annually. In addition, Amazon launched the largest wind corporate power purchase agreement in the UK, located in Kintyre Peninsula, Scotland. Once complete, the wind farm will provide 50 MW of new renewable capacity with expected generation of 168,000 MWh of clean energy annually – enough to power 46,000 UK homes every year.

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Passo Corese, Italy is renowned for its delicious olive oil used by chefs at some of the finest restaurants across Europe. It’s a place where olive groves are still owned by local families and olives are harvested by hand. And it is home to one of Amazon’s most sustainable buildings in Europe, where 400 associates work in robotics using the latest technology to fulfil customer orders throughout Italy.
In 2019, we launched Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) Donations in the U.S. and UK. FBA Donations is a new programme where eligible excess and returned products from sellers using FBA will be made available to local charitable organizations. Amazon works with charity partners and manages logistics to streamline the donation process for independent sellers. This programme is expanding to other locations in Europe in 2020.
A woman stands with her arms across her chest, smiling at the camera
Meet Kara Hurst, Head of Worldwide Sustainability at Amazon, and learn more about how we’re facing one of the world’s biggest challenges by incorporating sustainability into every part of our business worldwide.
Many of the cross-cutting sustainability issues that we prioritize at Amazon are enhanced through partnerships and collaborative initiatives with credible, knowledgeable and innovative industry partners. Examples of these groups include:
  • City Harvest London: Rescuing Food for the Hungry logo

    City Harvest UK

    In the UK, Amazon partners with City Harvest London to put surplus food to use in a sustainable way. City Harvest collects food from supermarkets, restaurants, manufacturers, and other food business, and distributes it to community programs that serve meals to vulnerable people.
  • InKind Direct: Product giving for social good logo

    In Kind Direct

    Amazon works with In Kind Direct, a national charity in the UK that manages the donation of surplus products to charities across the country. Since partnering with In Kind Direct, we have donated more than $8.7 million dollars (£7 million) of products. In 2019 alone, we have donated $1.2 million USD (£1 million) to over 2,000 charities and volunteer organizations across the UK.
  • Innatura: vermittelt Sachspenden für soziale Zwecke logo


    Amazon is a long-term partner of the German nonprofit Innatura, which brokers in-kind donations to charitable organizations. Through this partnership, Amazon has donated to more than 1,500 charities benefiting nearly 500,000 individuals and families in Germany with donations including toys, shoes, clothing, and drugstore items, among others.
  • Re-Source: European platform for corporate renewable energy sourcing logo on a white background.

    RE-Source Platform

    To advocate for issues related to clean energy purchasing, Amazon is a member of the RE-Source Platform. RE-Source is a European alliance of stakeholders representing clean energy buyers and suppliers for corporate renewable energy sourcing. It is the first and only multi-stakeholder platform in Europe bringing together the interests of both buyers and sellers in order to unlock the potential of new business models, accelerate the transition to affordable renewable energy sources and help combat climate change.
  • SolarPower Europe logo on a white background.

    SolarPower Europe

    Amazon joined SolarPower Europe (SPE) to help advance solar energy development across Europe. SPE works to ensure solar-based energy solutions have access to financing and funding across Europe, positioning these solutions with policymakers at the European and national levels, effectively communicating the benefits of solar power and more.
  • “There’s the opportunity to change people’s behaviour – within the office and across the business as a whole.”
    Ted Gibson
    Amazon Sustainability Ambassador, London, UK
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