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Net-Zero Carbon by 2040
As part of Amazon’s mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, we are committed to building a sustainable business for our employees, customers and communities. We are driving towards a net-zero carbon future where the people that support our entire value chain are treated with dignity and respect.
In 2019, Amazon co-founded The Climate Pledge – a commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our business by 2040 and to invite others to sign on to this new level of ambition. As part of our path to the Pledge, Amazon has made significant commitments towards reaching our goal.
Reaching net-zero carbon emissions across our operations by 2040
On a path to powering our operations with 100 % renewable energy by 2025
Making 50 % of all deliveries net-zero carbon by 2030
Deploying 100,000 custom electric delivery vehicles by 2030
Investing 2 billion USD to support the development of decarbonising technologies and services
Investing 100 million USD in reforestation projects and climate mitigation solutions
2020 Progress at a Glance
Secured the naming rights to Climate Pledge Arena and submitted registration to become the world’s first net-zero-carbon-certified arena
Donated more than 27 million USD through an employee match programme to organisations working to bring about social justice and improve the lives of Black and African Americans
Launched our most sustainable devices to date and committed to build new renewable energy projects until we account for the energy consumption of all Amazon devices
Provided more than 2.5 billion USD in bonuses and incentives for our teams globally, part of the 11.5 billion USD we invested in COVID-19-related measures overall in 2020
Launched Climate Pledge Friendly, a new programme to help make it easy for customers to discover and shop for more sustainable products, and certified 75,000 products as Climate Pledge Friendly
Employed more than 40,000 veterans and military spouses, surpassing our goal of 25,000 by 2021
Delivered more than 20 million packages to customers in electric delivery vehicles across North America and Europe in 2020
Launched the 20 million USD AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative to accelerate COVID-19 research
Trained 100 % of our internal fleet of drivers to identify and respond to potential victims of human trafficking they might encounter on the road through the Truckers Against Trafficking curriculum
"This is the start of a defining and decisive decade. The COVID-19 pandemic took millions of lives and dramatically impacted our families, our customers, our employees and our global value chain. But it has also brought about a moment of pause and an opportunity to reconsider the resilience of both humankind and our planet, making it clear how interconnected and interdependent we all are. By keeping the past year’s learnings in mind, we can successfully address societal shifts, avoid the worst impacts of climate change and meet the Sustainable Development Goals.
A woman stands with her arms across her chest, smiling at the camera
Kara Hurst, Vice President, Worldwide Sustainability
Prioritising Pay Equity
We review the compensation awarded annually at Amazon, including base pay, cash bonuses and stock, and we continue to prioritise pay equity.
  • 100
    Cents per Dollar
    In 2020, women earned a dollar for every dollar that men earned performing the same jobs.
  • 99.2
    Cents per Dollar
    In 2020, minorities earned 99.2 cents for every dollar that white employees earned performing these same jobs.
Amazon’s Custom Rivian Electric Delivery Vehicles Hit the Road in Los Angeles | Amazon News
In 2019, Amazon ordered 100,000 custom electric delivery vehicles from Rivian – the largest order ever of electric delivery vehicles. We rolled out the first of these vehicles in Los Angeles in February 2021 and will expand to neighbourhoods in up to 15 additional US cities by the end of the year. We plan to have 10,000 vehicles on the road as early as 2022 and all 100,000 vehicles deployed by 2030.
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